About Ashley Lin

I have been working in the ceramic medium since 2002, and believe clay can enrich the most fundamental and beautiful aspects of life: enjoying and sharing food and drink. As a student in the Ceramics Department of West Virginia University and later as a production potter at Jason Silverman Ceramics in Philadelphia, PA, I was drawn to handmade pottery pieces for everyday use. I have sought to develop a very personal yet functional style that celebrates the movement and the moment between the hand and the clay, creating "maker's marks"-- unique gestures on the clay's surface. Every item is thrown by me on the ceramic wheel, trimmed by me, and glazed by me using glazes that I have formulated. I am very mindful of creating pottery that stacks well in cabinets, feels comfortable in the hand, and is unique. My "Jingle Bell Cups" (cups that have a void in the foot of the vessel that contain small ceramic beads that ring when the cup is shaken) are in the patenting process.
My color palette highlights the maker's marks and is inspired by my home, Chicago. As an avid cyclist, I often bike along Chicago's lakeshore. The fresh air, city skyline, and ever-changing color of Lake Michigan during the seasons refresh and inspire me. In the winter, I walk and take public transportation, always keeping my eyes open to the views from the train and buses. Chicago's thriving restaurant scene has introduced me to wonderful and adventurous cuisine and especially to locally-sourced items, which I am excited to be a part of. I am currently making one-of-a-kind pieces for the following chefs:
Anthony Martin Executive Chef of Tru.
Meg Galus Executive Chef of Boka and Armour & Swift.
Lee Wolen Executive Chef of Boka.